Monday, May 30, 2011

Selby Flower Shop

The pool is almost full.

Day 16

Sunday's highlight was worshiping with the people at Freedom Baptist. It is good to know the family of God reaches much further than our home church. If weather permits (doubtful), I'll attend their Memorial Day Picnic today. Right now it's spitting rain and 53 degrees, with wind advisories.



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lunch at Mr. Bob's

After worshiping at Freedom Baptist Church, I had lunch at Mr. Bob's Drive In. It's raining again so I'm relaxing in the tent. Pretty exciting stuff, I know. Might go check on the pool if it stops raining.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 15

Quiet day here in Selby. Watched the community pool fill with water for a while, then walked around looking at the sights. There's a county jail here. There is also a library. It's open on Mon. Wed. And Fri. There are also three churches. Think I'll be Baptist tomorrow. There are three eating establishments plus the truck stop. There's also a food mart. They gave me a spoon for my yogurt. Now that's service. Think I'll turn in early.

Parts will probably arrive on Wednesday.

Miles - 0


Picture Gallery

Since I had some time I uploaded all the picture and videos to-date. Try this link to view them.


Friday, May 27, 2011




Parts Have Been Ordered

What an incredible day. It started with great riding weather and ended with God's hand directing me to the right place at the right time.

The ride up 1804 is a biker's dream. Great senery, excellent roads and small traffic count. Even "surfing" a thunderstorm add to the thrill.

By the time I neared my destination, I realized, I'd not done my homework and started looking for a campsite. But first, I needed food so I found the nearest grocery store; in Selby. As I was approaching Selby I decided to search once more for a closer camp spot. I found "Hilltop Motel & Campground". Anything beats another 25 miles to the campground, so I settled on it. One mile out of town I heard and felt a horrible sound as I down shifted. My rear derailleur was mangled. I walked one mile and found the nicest and most economical camping of the trip. I'll call this home until replacement parts arrive. I've ordered them from Sean, my new favorite bike guy from St. Joseph MO. I may be back on the road as early as Wednesday.

Today's mileage - 97 + 1 mile walk

I could not have planned this layover if I tried. Thank you, God, for directing my path.


Simple Impressions (N 1804)

Today's goal. Alaska


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 13... Down day

In spite of the great tailwind, I decided to stay in Pierre today. There is much concern here about flooding. The Missouri is a series of reservoirs in SD. In fact they call them the "Great Lake of SD". One of their purposes is flood control and because of heavy rain up stream, massive amounts of water is being systematically released, causing local flooding. Fortunately one campground has been spared so far.

Pierre marks roughly the 1/3 point of the trip. My challege is to find a balance in each day and not let the routine become monotonous. One of these days I'm actually going to do another sketch!

As I write this some kids are riding by on their bikes talking about s'mores. I think I just thought of a way to break up the monotony!


Fighting Stallions Memorial

This beautiful bronze statue is on the SD State Capitol grounds, in Pierre and commemorates the lives of 6 SD statesmen who lost their lives in a plane crash in '93.

Replica Corps of Discovery boat

Weather Conditions from The Weather Channel

This message was sent from a friend.

Now for Fort Pierre, SD (57532)

Temp: 49F
Feels like: 49F
Humidity: 66%
Wind: ESE at 1 mph
Updated: 5/26/11 8:25 AM CDT

Early morning friends

Welcome sight

Ft. Pierre National Grassland

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 12

Chicken corn chowder never tasted so good! I am camping in the Ft. Pierre National Grassland tonight, after another amazing day. It started with a tour of the Native American Museum, in Chamberlain. Because of headwinds, Pierre was out of reach, but I decided against staying in Ft Thompson, wanting to make more miles on a fine day. The Grasslands turned out to be a great option (thank you, Marilyn, once again).

The antilope were not sure what to think of this strange intruder, but finally moved on. Next an owl hovered above, assessing me. Adding to the night sounds are the occasional coyote howl (I hope it's a coyote; parts of "Dances With Wolves" were filmed here).

Good night.

Just another vista.

Weather Conditions from The Weather Channel

Now for Lower Brule, SD (57548)

Temp: 64F
Feels like: 64F
Sunny and Windy
Humidity: 37%
Wind: N at 20 mph
Updated: 5/25/11 5:05 PM CDT

For more weather information, visit from your PC or mobile device.


Just out of West Brule

Lake Francis Case inlet

Watched a pelican soar over, a baltimore oriole, muskrat and a few other new birds me, during this short rest stop.

Day 11

Challenging keeping up with daily posts. Low battery last night. Stayed at "Happy Camper Camp Ground" off I-90. Much cheaper than on the river.

May 24 was challenging, with wind and rain. Same forecast today. Did laundry, so feel like a new man! Would like to see the Native American Museum in town, but hate to wait until 10:00.

Very cool. Glad I packed winter gloves.
People tell me this is the best time to see SD. Everything is green and I've never seen so many lilac bushes nor enjoyed their aroma so. The birds are also a great delight. I've flushed numerous pheasant from their roadside cover and seen ducks and wading birds I cannot identify - yet.

Mileage - 61

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy day photos

Missouri Relief

While I'm having the ride of my life, people in my home state of Missouri are suffering greatly. I encourage you to use one of the links at the top right, to make a donation. All of us, doing a little, can make a big difference.


Platte, SD

New day

Found an alternate route out of the campground. No big hills; well worth a few extra miles (see map in satellite mode). Headed for Fort Thompson today; 76 miles.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 10

Thought I'd shave 21 miles off the route by bypassing "Burke". Not sure it helped since The campground is in a remote, hilly area and will provide a challenging exit tomorrow. Definitely preparing me for weeks to come.

Met some gracious ladies in Geddes today. It is sad though, to see such towns in decline.

Platt, on the other hand seems to be thriving. Stopped by the local ice cream shop and met one of the two police officers in town. He assured my, nothing exciting ever happens in Platt. They DO play rock music though, at the "Platt Food Market.

The forecast for tomorrow is rain with East wind. That's a fair trade.


Irene & Sharon

Friends I met at the Geddes Museum, in Geddes, SD.

Day 9

Found my second wind yesterday. Beautiful weather and scenery and almost no rain. After a good lunch at "The Grill", in Springfield, I took the scenic route to Pickstown, next to Lake Francis Case and Ft. Randall Dam. I enjoyed a conversation with a local Native American couple who were concerned I was lost. Then a gentleman struck up a conversation as he passed me on a hill. He just slowed to my pace and he told me about this guy he met who kayaked across America (don't worry, Marilyn).

Had a small glitch with my odometer, but my current mileage is around 610.

Today's goal is Academy, SD.


Day 9

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 8 Vermillion to Yankton, SD

Day 7

In Vermillion, SD in a motel. After 2" of rain last night and more tonight, I needed to regroup. Hope to get to Springfield tomorrow.

Highlights were riding with Paul and making it to SD. Lows were taking a wrong turn and going 6 miles out of the way. 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Relaxing on the beach

Ok, this is not on the L&C Trail, but Raleigh just sent it to and I had to share it.

Lunch stop in Mondamin

Day 6

What day is this? I think it's Thursday. This morning I met my first bike touring friend, Paul. Paul is from L.A. and is starting a 4 month tour of the northeastern states. Since his retirement he has recorded over 50,000 miles of touring! We plan to ride as far as Sioux City together.

Most of today's ride was on the "

Not today