Thursday, June 30, 2011


Marilyn and Emily rolled in about 11:00 PM last night. We spent today enjoying the ocean and touring the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where Katie volunteers. What an amazing place! Mike joined us (poor guy has to work), for dinner at Nana's Irish Pub. We finished the day by watching the classic movie "Princess Bride". Now I know what an R.O.U.S. is. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 45: The finish line!

Made it to Waldport around 7:00. It's never been so nice to see Mike & Katie! Had my first flat as I was pulling into Newport. Had my second 2 miles outside of Waldport (had failed to check the tire for the source of the flat; a metal shaving). We are still anxiously awaiting Marilyn and Emily's arrival, hopefully tomorrow. After a good night's sleep I'm sure I'll share a few reflections on the experiences of the last 45 days. Right now I am just grateful for a safe arrival and a wam shower!

Miles: 74
Grand Total: 3,037

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 44

It has been a lovely day. I attended Sweet Home Church of the Nazarene. They had just completed their VBS and the kids had fun singing their songs. After church Tom and Marilee invited me to lunch. We were joined also by Mike and Iris. Thank you for great Chinese food and fellowship. I think I'm getting spoiled by the great hospitality I've been shown.

After lunch I headed for Corvallis. I noticed some rubbing on the back wheel and found several spokes very loose. I've made an appointment with a local bike shop who graciously put me at the front of the line for Monday. Meanwhile I've found a camp spot I think will work well. Interestingly I was greeted by a family of nutria. Katie investigated them based on my description. They are an invasive species from South America. You can read about them here:
I don't think they're man-eating, so I'll be Ok.

Miles: 50
Total: 2,963

What kind if tree is this (besides BIG)?

Day 43

Today seemed short. Perhaps because it was packed with variety. I can't really say much about Redmond. It has a nice McD's. It was early and I moved quickly on to Sisters. Sisters reminded my of Estes Park. If you like tourist towns you'd love it. Sisters is named for the three dominate "sister" peaks of the Cascades. There's a story about it that I don't yet know.

Have I mentioned the Cascades? They're amazing. Very distinct volcanic shapes and the lava flows (see photo) are other-worldly. Starting up the east side, the forest was similar to what I've seen throughout the trip. But as I decended the west face I saw a destinct change. I think this is what's called a "rain forest", with ferns of all kinds and other fauna I've never seen before. Guess I'm not in Kansas anymore.

I am in an "official" campground tonight. Nothing like half hearing the fireside conversations of my fellow campers. Oh and the music, gotta have music to camp, you know.

I see there's a Nazarene church in the upcoming town. I wonder if they welcome people who haven't showered in seven days. I'll put on extra deodorant. ;)

Miles: 83
Total: 2,913

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Lava flow

Biking friends heading up Santiam Pass

Richard and David are from CA and doing a loop around OR. Richard had a biking accident 6 months ago and has 3 pins in his left hip.

Snapshot happy

Cascade Mtn Preview

Day 42

I got ahead of myself yesterday. Today is #42.

I left camp early trying to beat the wind. Turns out the wind was light today. First stop was Mitchell. Met one of a group of 3, headed my way. These are the first since Paul, back in NE. I did not end up riding with them since I was just getting breakfast. Maybe I'll catch them tomorrow. The Ochoco National Forest was beautiful and included a challenging 9 mile climb. The Ochoco Reservoir made a perfect picnic spot, then it was on to Prineville, a town of over 10,000. I found a suitable campsite just out of town and called it a day.

Lord willing I will reach Waldport as early as Monday. I will savor these last few days. The Lord has directed and protected me so many time during this adventure thanks to those who have prayed and encouraged me throughout.

Miles: 73
Total: 2,830

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tonight's menu

Corn beef hash with fresh green beans, mushroom and onion.

Pretty cool background for something

Tonight's campsite

Near tonight's campsite was a ring of rusty tin cans. These were not fresh off the WalMart shelf. I'd like to think a handful of cowboys used this very site several decades ago while driving cattle. At any rate I selected a can as my memento for this trip. It has a floral imprint on each side and a cylindrical top with holes for poring. The top does not unscrew. Any guesses what it was for? I don't know.

Day 41

Who in the world is John Day? Everything in this area of Oregon seems to be named after him. According to wiki, John Day was a trapper in the early days of Oregon:

This area is well known for early mammalian fossils. In fact there is the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. I didn't go there but i did ride through the "Picture Canyon, John Day National Monument.

Miles: 65
Total: 2,758

Picture Canyon, near Dayville, OR

Signs of progress

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 38

Monday started with a 10 mile hairpin downhill. What a blast! My highest speed was only about 34 because I had to stop to take pictures. At the bottom was a nice cafe, where I splurged for breakfast. Of course, for every downhill there's an uphill. It wasn't bad though and I enjoyed watching a bald eagle soaring above me. For the next several mile the highway parallelled St. Joseph's Canyon, where Nez Perce Chief St. Joseph led his people on a flight from U.S. soldiers around 1866.

Before long the gorgious Wallowa Mtns loomed in the distance. These Mtns are especially impressive because they jut so abruptly from the valley floor. And the town of Enterprise, at their feet, seemed the perfect place to live.

I couldn't stay long though because the weather was perfect and the sun was still high. I finally called it a day near Minum State Park, but not before seeing my first elk herd of the trip. What beautiful animals.

Miles: 83
Total: 2,560

Been there, done that.

OR HWY 3 South


Unknown animal sound

Monday, June 20, 2011


Signs of things to come.

Trusty Steed

Day 37

Had a wonderful time worshiping at Lewiston First Church of the Nazarene. While I was there they voted to call a new pastor. The message really hit home with me. It was out of Hosea. This Old Testament story illustrates the extreme lengths God will go to redeem us.

After church I was invited to dinner by Joe and his lovely wife (sorry, I've forgotten her name). We had a great meal and conversation. Thanks so much to them. Silly me, I should have taken a picture.

Then, after stocking up, again, at Albertson's, it was off to the last major leg of the trip; crossing Oregon. Based on several suggestions, I've altered my route to take in more of the Cascades. This means I won't be following the Columbia Gorge after all and will arrive on the cost at Waldport.

Miles: 37
Total: 2,477

Great downhill to Granderonde River

Field Springs State Park

Free Camping!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Climb from Asotin, WA PN 129

Day 36

It was another delightfully, slightly downhill ride Saturday, from Kamiah, ID to Clarkston, WA. Following US Hwy 12 as it follows the Clearwater River, I saw deer frolicking on the opposite shore, watched fishermen vying for big salmon and osprey tending there nests. This is the river that greeted Lewis & Clark after their arduous journey over the Bitterroot Mtns. One historical marker commemorated the spot they stopped to build 5 dugout canoes in 2 week.

Miles: 68
Total: 2,440

Historic Lochsa Forest Ranger Station

Dinner partner

I was pleased to share my cafe table in Lowell, with Boyan (sp?), from Lithuania. He is riding coast to coast, West to East. His only compliant is, it's hard to find good bread. I'd have to agree.

Nez Perce "Heart of the Monster"

This natural mound in Kamiah, ID, is the "Heart of the Monster" in the Nez Perce "First Peoples" legend. Read about it here:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Osprey Nest on the Clearwater

Deer on the Clearwater

This scene reminded me of an Albert Bierstadt painting. Check his work out here:

Fishing on the Clearwater

Talking with a fisherman here on the Clearwater. They're fishing for chinook salmon. They average 15 and can be 30 lbs and over. In winter they fish for steelhead. I'm hoping to bring them good luck.

Day 35

Today I am thinking and praying for my friends who lost there 18 year old son in a tragic accident. My heart goes out to you, Wayne and Kelly.

It was a sunny, cool day for a ride down one of the most beautiful highways in the country, HWY 12, though the Bitterroot Mountains. It follows several rivers on it's journey, including the Lochsa and Cearwater. The actual Lewis & Clark and Nez Perce Trails followed the mountain ridges because the river valley was too chocked with rocks and underbrush.

Shortly after my ride began today, I stopped in at the "Historic Nacsaw Forest Ranger Station". This multi-building station is a jewel out of a bygone era, when forest rangers often lived very solitary lives, at great personal sacrifice. I found this a fascinating place and well worth the time.

Later I stopped for a picnic and let my gear dry in the sun. Finally I was off to Lowell, a small town of about 30, where I stopped for a bite. While there, I met a gentleman from Slovenia, who is biking across America. We had a delightful conversation.

As I was leaving I realized my sunglasses were missing. Could I have left them at the picnic area? I rode back 7 miles just to check (I know, this is becoming a habit). No glasses. Then it hit, I left them sitting in the restroom at the ranger station. I decided it wasn't worth another 10 miles of backtracking. Finding "over the glasses sunglasses is now high on my shopping list.

I tried to make up a few miles by riding late and paid for it by settling for a dry drainage ditch for a campsite. Let's hope there's no rain tonight.

Miles: 73 (including 14 backtrack miles)
Total: 2,372