Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 38

Monday started with a 10 mile hairpin downhill. What a blast! My highest speed was only about 34 because I had to stop to take pictures. At the bottom was a nice cafe, where I splurged for breakfast. Of course, for every downhill there's an uphill. It wasn't bad though and I enjoyed watching a bald eagle soaring above me. For the next several mile the highway parallelled St. Joseph's Canyon, where Nez Perce Chief St. Joseph led his people on a flight from U.S. soldiers around 1866.

Before long the gorgious Wallowa Mtns loomed in the distance. These Mtns are especially impressive because they jut so abruptly from the valley floor. And the town of Enterprise, at their feet, seemed the perfect place to live.

I couldn't stay long though because the weather was perfect and the sun was still high. I finally called it a day near Minum State Park, but not before seeing my first elk herd of the trip. What beautiful animals.

Miles: 83
Total: 2,560

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