Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 43

Today seemed short. Perhaps because it was packed with variety. I can't really say much about Redmond. It has a nice McD's. It was early and I moved quickly on to Sisters. Sisters reminded my of Estes Park. If you like tourist towns you'd love it. Sisters is named for the three dominate "sister" peaks of the Cascades. There's a story about it that I don't yet know.

Have I mentioned the Cascades? They're amazing. Very distinct volcanic shapes and the lava flows (see photo) are other-worldly. Starting up the east side, the forest was similar to what I've seen throughout the trip. But as I decended the west face I saw a destinct change. I think this is what's called a "rain forest", with ferns of all kinds and other fauna I've never seen before. Guess I'm not in Kansas anymore.

I am in an "official" campground tonight. Nothing like half hearing the fireside conversations of my fellow campers. Oh and the music, gotta have music to camp, you know.

I see there's a Nazarene church in the upcoming town. I wonder if they welcome people who haven't showered in seven days. I'll put on extra deodorant. ;)

Miles: 83
Total: 2,913

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