Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 29

This day seemed more like three. It started with a beautiful rainbow. By the time I hit the road at 7:05, it was threatening rain. Watching it approach over the mountains was breathtaking. By the time I hit the small town of Stanford I had my ZipLocks on again and decided to have a second breakfast at the local cafe to wait out the rain; biscuits & gravy with hash browns and one egg. Thankfully the rain did pass and I was on my way to Great Falls, 64 miles away. The countryside was somewhat reminiscent of home, but for the ten thousand foot peaks in three directions. When I finally arrived in GF, I did laundry and checked on a tent sight. The only one available was at an RV park. I happened to see a local police officer and asked if camping was permitted in any of the city parks. He said no, but then added if it was for only one night he could make an exception if I camped in a given area. I thanked him and prepared to set up camp when I heard what sounded like an outdoor rock concert starting up a few blocks away. I am now comfortably tucked in at the RV Park. Surprisingly I'm NOT the only tent camper here.

Tomorrow I plan to visit the local Nazarene Church then take in the CM Russell Museum. I'm excited about both prospects.

Miles: 70
Total: 2,002

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