Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 37

Had a wonderful time worshiping at Lewiston First Church of the Nazarene. While I was there they voted to call a new pastor. The message really hit home with me. It was out of Hosea. This Old Testament story illustrates the extreme lengths God will go to redeem us.

After church I was invited to dinner by Joe and his lovely wife (sorry, I've forgotten her name). We had a great meal and conversation. Thanks so much to them. Silly me, I should have taken a picture.

Then, after stocking up, again, at Albertson's, it was off to the last major leg of the trip; crossing Oregon. Based on several suggestions, I've altered my route to take in more of the Cascades. This means I won't be following the Columbia Gorge after all and will arrive on the cost at Waldport.

Miles: 37
Total: 2,477


  1. Nice pictures, Ray. I hope you made it up the other side! By the way, you had lunch Sunday with "Joseph and Mary"! What an enjoyable time we had!

  2. Joseph and Mary should be easy to remember, if you are familiar with their Son. :) According to the map you are in Wallowa. I have 11 hours of class tomorrow, so I better get some sleep. Love ya, SIS

  3. What journey you have taken. Your daughter Emily told me about your journey and shared your blog site with me. I have only read a few entries thus far, but what an impressive adventure! I am sure you have seen this country in a way many of us will never see it. What an amazing accomplishment!