Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 23

I guess you could say I went to church today. I was walking in as the folks at Ray Lutheran Church were walking out. I did have a delightful conversation though, with Mr & Mrs Mellon. I learned a bit more about the oil boom from the local viewpoint. She explained that the wealth is more equally destributed than in the past because the drilling is lateral and involves more land owners than just those where the well is located. I found that interesting.

Then it was on to Williston, the hub of the boom. I picked up some essentials at Wally World and found a park to have a picnic. At the adjacent ball field a family of six were playing a rousing game of kickball. I enjoyed seeing a family being a family. Later the father and oldest boy asked about my biking and pretty soon I was filling my water bottles at their house. Thanks, John and Sonya, for your Christlike hospitality. I probably cut the conversation short since I was so intent on reaching the Montana line today. I did sneak a peek at the Montana stars before securely zipping up the tent to keep out the ravenous mosquitoes.

By Tuesday I'll need to decide whether to follow the southerly L&C route or veer north to Glaciar National Park and escape the flooding concern along the Missouri.

Miles: 75
Total: approx. 1555

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  1. Raleigh CraigheadJune 6, 2011 at 5:48 AM

    Veer North to Glacier. You love that place.