Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 27

As you can see, I'm in the Winnett Motel. It is nice and reasonable. No TV or Internet and ATT has no service here so this post will be delayed. Did not make sense to camp in the rain again. Saw some flooding today but no road problems. Hopefully the rain will be more spotty tomorrow. Should make it to Lewistown where there should be phone service. The water purifier has really come in handy. The rain and cold is the talk here. Saw beautiful country today but no sense stopping to take pictures in the cold and wet, with an iPhone. It was a hard faught 65 miles. The little town of Sand Springs was my oasis today. The only thing there is a Post Office/General Store but it came at just the right time. A local rancher offered to give me a ride to Lewistown but I reluctantly refused. As he guessed, I want to say I road the whole way. I fashioned some rain guards for my shoe using oversized ziplock bags and secures them with duct tap (meant to take a picture). Looked really classy but kept my foot warmer (might have kept them dry if they were not already soaked). I'll buy shoe covers next time and I WON'T buy the cheapest duct tape!

Miles: 65
Total: 1,844

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  1. I do hope you took pix of those spiffy shin guards.Be safe and try to not get flooded!