Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 44

It has been a lovely day. I attended Sweet Home Church of the Nazarene. They had just completed their VBS and the kids had fun singing their songs. After church Tom and Marilee invited me to lunch. We were joined also by Mike and Iris. Thank you for great Chinese food and fellowship. I think I'm getting spoiled by the great hospitality I've been shown.

After lunch I headed for Corvallis. I noticed some rubbing on the back wheel and found several spokes very loose. I've made an appointment with a local bike shop who graciously put me at the front of the line for Monday. Meanwhile I've found a camp spot I think will work well. Interestingly I was greeted by a family of nutria. Katie investigated them based on my description. They are an invasive species from South America. You can read about them here:
I don't think they're man-eating, so I'll be Ok.

Miles: 50
Total: 2,963


  1. You made it. Good going. SIS

  2. congrats on the long journey and making it to the finish line.jill