Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 26

First, a short explanation about last night; I was headed for a campground on the east side of Ft Peck Lake when I saw an alluring sign, "marina; food, camping, CABINS (emphasis added). Since I felt like a drowned rat I thought a cabin might be in order so I turned down the muddy gravel road (no phone signal). After 3 miles, another sign read "marina, 5 miles", so I turned off the road, planted the tent and called it a day. Turned out to be a very restful night.
This morning the weather cleared and I made good time to the next destination, Jordan. Jordan has the dubious distinction of being the location where, in 1996, the group called "Freemen" defied government authority and barricaded themselves in a nearby farm house. The group members were not native to Montana but found a sympathetic ear to some of their beliefs. My experience in Jordan was pleasant. On fact I met a lady at the grocery store who is from Kirksville and has eaten in Moberly many times.
Since it was still early I decided to put in a few more miles. I stopped short of Edwards when I spotted this camp spot on a roadside hill. Very peaceful up here. I might make it to Lewistown tomorrow, which interestingly is NOT named after Meriwether Lewis.

Miles: 75
Total: 1,779

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