Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 15

Quiet day here in Selby. Watched the community pool fill with water for a while, then walked around looking at the sights. There's a county jail here. There is also a library. It's open on Mon. Wed. And Fri. There are also three churches. Think I'll be Baptist tomorrow. There are three eating establishments plus the truck stop. There's also a food mart. They gave me a spoon for my yogurt. Now that's service. Think I'll turn in early.

Parts will probably arrive on Wednesday.

Miles - 0



  1. Raleigh (son of a ironman) CraigheadMay 29, 2011 at 12:54 AM

    haha watching a pool fill with water ehh? was the grass growing? just go with the flow. maybe you broke down in this town for a reason.

  2. I do believe God protected me when I broke down a mile from all the service I'd need for the next week. It's up to me to use the time wisely. Did I mention, the parts are due to be delivered on Tuesday?

  3. LOL at Raleigh (Son of Ironman) Love it! Can I be (Groupie of Ironman) Yes... I like the ring to it. And Raleigh stole my comment as well..hmmm...

    Well I do now know about the town of Selby now and if I ever go through - it will be the town where Ironman broke down at... :-)